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Bali Girls are beautiful and exotic. Their skin is a rich chocolate colour and personalities are spontaneous and outgoing. Bali Girls like confident men. Underneath the innocent looks they are gentle natured and shy. They are extremely keen for a man to be interested, flirtatious and wanting to get to know them and are also very keen on Online Dating as a way of meeting Western Men.

To get to know a Bali girl it's best to ask lots of questions avoiding awkwardness and keeping her talking and the conversation moving along.

Bali Women easily read body language and she will notice quickly you’re interested in her. Indonesian Girls are keen on men who are in shape and fit. When you observe Indonesian men you'll see most are extremely thin so this is taken for granted by Girls in Bali.

One of the quickest methods to meet Indonesian girls is using Online Dating and like

If you put the hours into the gym it will greatly pay off for you when interacting with Balinese Women. In general a better looking, thinner, well-dressed man will always do better with Indonesian Women and especially the Bali Girls.

Always ask for her phone number. Girls from Bali will be happy to hand this over if they are keen on you. They love texting and you should ask to meet you with them after they finish work for dinner or the sit on the beach. Keep the conversation rolling along as silence is a killer. Also Smiles are good - the more the better.

Indonesian Girls love Bali Shopping so possibly go look at some shops discussing what you like and don't like. The best tip of all is to make her laugh. If she is happy, smiling and enjoying herself then things are going well.

What Bali Girls Like in Men:

  • Confident Guys - Flirting is Good
  • Older Guys - Means Stability and more chance of a Future Together
  • Positive Men - Enjoying Life
  • Out Going - Will to be themselves
  • Happy and Fun Personality
  • Money - Universal Female Desire
  • Ability to take care of yourself
  • Style - Good Clothes
  • Respect Trust & good at Listening
  • Great Smile :)
  • Maturity

Be yourself in Bali but also keep these points in mind. If you can buy some nice clothes and go to the gym a bit more often it all helps. Attitude is such an important thing. You can step outside your Bali Hotel and instantly put a huge smile on your face. After all you on a Bali Holiday and life is yours to enjoy. Become overly talkative if you’re not naturally that way. Just say hi to everyone and ask lots of questions. Also remember to try Online Dating to meet Bali Women if you need to – try

Many of the Women in Bali dream of meeting a Western man so whether you know if or not you are the knight in white shining armour over there. Feel the confidence it brings and enjoy your moment of being Brad Pitt. If you just talk to everyone the chances are you will meet some great women and then just ask for their Mobile number and using txt organise a place to meet and say hi. It’s really simple but you have to take the first step.

Another great option for meeting Bali Girls is to use an online dating site like This way you can actually meet Bali Women/Indonesian Girls before you arrive in the country and can have already arranged times to meet up. You could always organise an Indonesian Woman to meet you at the airport.

Free Bali Dating Site & Girls Bali Girls